Photos of Famous Authors Playing in the Snow


Though we’ve been having an astoundingly mild winter here in our native New York City, we managed to eke out a white Christmas, and the snowy season seems to have begun in earnest. Possibly. We hope. But there’s no reason to stay indoors — when the seasonal flurries appear, even that most indoor-cattish breed, the author, sometimes comes out to play. In celebration of the long months of winter ahead, we’ve put together a little collection of famous authors out in the snow — skiing, playing with their dogs, or just wandering about. So yes, we’re taking a rather wide interpretation of “playing,” but bear with us and check out some chilly writers!

Photo Credit: Ernest Hemingway Photograph Collection, John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston.

Ernest Hemingway. On reverse: “This is to re-assure you if you hear reports of another of your authors dying of drink.” Signed, “Ernest Hemingway, Feb 1927.”

Sylvia Plath and Marcia Brown Stern, her friend and roommate at Smith College. Photo via.

Photo Credit: Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman hanging out with his dog Cabal in a snowstorm. More photos here.

Hunter S. Thompson putting his typewriter on ice. Photo via.

David Foster Wallace, dressed for the weather. He’s probably in Syracuse. Photo via.

Photo Credit: Michael Mauney

Saul Bellow, possibly about to be hit by a snowball, courtesy of his son Adam.

Photo Credit: Lacombe

Gary Shteyngart striding through a New York City winter, creative scarf on full display.

John Cheever out with his dogs on a snowy day. Photo via.

Photo Credit: Greg Lasley

Peter Matthiessen in Antarctica with Victor Emanuel.

Boris Pasternak making a trek. Photo via.