Exclusive Supercut: Portlandia’s Portlandiest Moments So Far


We probably don’t need to tell you guys that Season 3 of Portlandia debuts on IFC on January 4 at 10/9c with back-to-back episodes. If you’re like us, then you’ve been counting the days and passing the time by revisiting some of Fred and Carrie’s most hilarious (not to mention spot-on) send-ups of life in Portland, OR — from the strange preoccupation with pickling to the proliferation of crafty Etsy types who’ll put a bird on anything. In anticipation of the big night, we compiled a supercut of Portlandia’s “Portlandiest” moments from the first two seasons of this brilliant sketch comedy series. Let us know in the comments if your favorite sketches made the cut!

Portlandia’s Portlandiest Moments So Far from Flavorwire on Vimeo.

Edited by Jesse Pynigar.