Racism or Not Racism? You Decide!


This past week, we watched the internet indulge in questionable activities that have brought up the age old question: “Is this racist or not?” And for others, the more complex “Am I racist for thinking that this is racist?” After the jump, you will find three exhibits of potential internet racism, and at the hand of Apple, Microsoft, and McDonald’s no less. Help us decide!

Exhibit A GhettoTweets: The new iPhone app that automatically reworks tweets to read as “gangsta slang….making you about as hip as any bling-blingin rapper.” What does yall think, is dis ghetto or nah son?

Exhibit B 365black.com: A McDonald’s spin-off website, but for black people… under the guise that they are celebrating black history month 365 days per year. Is this the first recorded form of internet segregation?

Exhibit C Microsoft Photoshopping: Microsoft’s Polish website features a couple of co-workers seated around a table. On the U.S. website, one man is black. On the Polish website, that same man has had his head photoshopped with that of white man. They did not bother to change his hand. Is this internet discrimination?

Leave your verdicts in the comments area.