10 Surprisingly Beautiful Designs Made Out of Trash


Pauline Kael, the witty, highly opinionated New Yorker film critic who A.O. Scott, Roger Ebert, and Elvis Mitchell all cite as an influence once said that “trash has given us an appetite for art.” Ironically, trash has also given us some incredibly interesting, beautiful furniture. From London lighting designer Stuart Haygarth’s incredible lamps made out of discarded ceramic cat figurines and chandeliers made from plastic odds and ends found washed up on the beach to up-cycled chairs upholstered with crewel art rescued from a dumpster, click through to check out some of the most inventive designs made out trash.

Tide Chandelier by Stuart Haygarth Material: Plastic items found washed up on the beach

Image credit: Stuart Haygarth

Raft Lamp by Stuart Haygarth Material: Discarded cat figurines

Image credit: Stuart Haygarth

Crewel Chair by Amanda Brown Material: Discarded crewel art

Image credit: Mel Cole via Design*Sponge

Blossom wall panels and wallpaper by Catherine Hammerton Material: Scrap trims and fixings

Image credit: Catherine Hammerton

Chair by Chris Rucker Material: Discarded moving blankets

Image credit:RUCKERCORP

Seating by Chris Rucker Material: Scrap strand board

Image credit: RUCKERCORP

Furniture by Scrap Lab Material: Industrial waste

Image credit: designboom

The Human Nest by Emily Pilloton Material: Scrap fabric

Image credit: inhabitat

Odds & Ends | Bits & Pieces by Studio Jo Meesters Material: Discarded wooden beams and leftover blankets

Image credit: Studio Jo Meesters

Pendant lamps by Heath Nash Material: Plastic milk bottles

Image credit: Heath Nash