Daily Poll: Public Nudity for Art’s Sake?


A few days ago, my online cohort Kelsey Keith sent me a link to an image of a woman spread eagle on the L train. Neither of us consider ourselves prudish, but there was something about photographer Zach Hyman‘s nude-models-on-trains-shtick that skeeved us out. (Maybe it was the fact that she was touching the pole?) Then I read this story about a nude model getting arrested yesterday at the Met, and wouldn’t you know, Hyman was the photographer behind the shoot.

According to the AP report, “Police say they arrested a 26-year-old woman who was posing naked for a photographer, and in full view of visitors, in the museum’s arms and armor department on Wednesday. Model Kathleen ‘K.C.’ Neill faces a charge of public lewdness.” It’s rather nice timing considering Decent Exposures, an exhibit featuring 14 of his images opened last Thursday at New York’s Chair and Maiden Gallery.

What we’re wondering is: Do you think public nudity should be legal when it’s done for the sake of art? Leave us a comment below.