More Vintage Swedish Movie Posters for You to Drool Over


Well, Will Schofield over at 50 Watts has done it again, finally posting the promised sequel to his fantastic roundup of Swedish film posters for 1930s Hollywood. This time around, he widened his scope a bit, assembling a gorgeous stash of posters for movies dating from the silent era all the way through the ’40s. After serious deliberation, we’ve picked out 10 of our favorites here, but if you’re a fan of vintage illustration, do yourself a favor and check out the entire collection.

Words and Music (Fox, 1929). Artist: Eric Rohman

Speak Easily (MGM, 1932). Artist: Carl Gustav Berglow

The Dragon Murder Case (Warner Brothers, 1934). Artist: Gösta Åberg

The Wolf Man (Universal, 1943). Artist: Gösta Åberg

Anna Christie (MGM, 1930). Artist: Eric Rohman

Trouble in Paradise (Paramount, 1932). Artist: Gösta Åberg

Stamboul Quest (MGM, 1934). Artist: Gösta Åberg

Woman (Hiller & Wick, 1918)

Billions (Metro, 1920)

Tarnished Lady (Paramount, 1931)