Stereotyping You By Your Favorite Monopoly Piece


By now you’ve probably read that Hasbro plans to either retire the race car, iron, Scottie dog, wheelbarrow, shoe, top hat, thimble, or battleship — and they’re putting the decision in the hands of the public via the Monopoly Facebook page. Along with the “Save Your Token” campaign, they’re also letting people pick what the replacement piece should be — it’s a race between a kind of sad looking cat, a kind of sad looking diamond ring, a kind of sad looking guitar, a kind of sad looking helicopter, and a kind of sad looking robot. While we realize that all of this is just an extremely silly way of getting the 110-year-old board game board game back in the headlines, we couldn’t help but bite. After the jump, we attempt to uncover what your favorite Monopoly game piece says about you. Let us know which one you think deserves to be killed off in the comments.

The Race Car

You think you’re wild, but you’re incredibly predictable.

The Iron

You have a craft room.

The Scottie Dog

The only pet your parents would ever let you have was a fish, and you still resent them for it.

The Wheelbarrow

You’ve been known to judge a man by his beard.

The Shoe

You still own the Doc Martens that you wore in high school.

The Top Hat

If you could transport yourself to an earlier era, you totally would.

The Thimble

You’re easily entertained.

The Battleship

You’ve blown something up on purpose before.