Video of the Day: Meet the Mystery Team


Our Sundance correspondent Erik Davis described Mystery Team as “a Napoleon Dynamite meets Encyclopedia Brown comedy from the internet-famous Derrick Comedy troupe out of New York.” In fact, it was one of his favorite films of the festival: “It’s silly and raunchy, and kind of reminded me of The Brady Bunch Movie on crack.” Note: Donald Glover, who stars, is a writer on 30 Rock and will appear on NBC’s Community this fall.

The video above is for a track entitled “Get Like Me,” which is the comedy’s theme song. It’s directed by Courtney DeWitt, and features heaps of cool Super 8 and stock footage. View a trailer for the film and download a free MP3 mixtape after the jump.

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Mystery Team opens in wide release in October, but is already showing in some cities; find a screening in your area now.