Pic of the Day: Skeletor Charlie Brown


Remember when we showed you Tim O’Brien’s creepy Charlie Brown? Well, we think Michael Paulus’ work has him beat. As he explains on his site:

“Animation was the format of choice for children’s television in the 1960s, a decade in which children’s programming became almost entirely animated. Growing up in that period, I tended to take for granted the distortions and strange bodies of these entities. These icons are usually grotesquely distorted from the human form from which they derive. I decided to take a select few of these popular characters and render their skeletal systems as I imagine they might resemble if one truly had eye sockets half the size of its head, or fingerless-hands, or feet comprising 60 percent of its body mass.”

More Peanuts skeletons after the jump.

What do you think? Are they horrific or cute?