Seen and Overheard at a Sherlock Holmes Charity Ball


If you’ve been seeing a few more deerstalkers roaming the streets this weekend than you’re generally accustomed to, let us let you in on a little secret. This week marks Sherlock Holmes’ birthday, and therefore we are embarking on the annual NYC Baker Street Irregulars Weekend, a few days of fun and Sherlock Holmes jokes for the surprisingly large faction of the loyal. Last night, your intrepid literary editor attended The Daintiest Thing Under a Bonnet Charity Ball, hosted by the Baker Street Babes, a young, hip group of all-female Sherlockians. The evening, which benefited the Wounded Warrior Project, was a delightful affair, with music, a pop quiz, toasts both fictional and non-fictional, and much well-deserved nerdery all around. After the jump, a few snapshots (including yours truly dressed as an admittedly droog-like Dr. Watson) and quips overheard during the evening.

Tiffany. Photo Credit: Emily Temple

“The Internet is for porn and for Jeremy Brett.”

“I started making this bustle a few months ago — whenever the mood struck me, I just added fabric.”

“As we know, brainy is the new sexy.”

“Well, Holmes isn’t all about cheekbones.” “He’s a lot about cheekbones.” “And mystery.”

“I’m a sociopath, do your research.”

“Shit just got real, Sherlock.”

Emily and Lyndsay. Photo Credit: Bri Cavallaro

“In the scene where Sherlock was in a bedsheet — I just said that to distract you –” “Pull the sheet down!” “There’s footage of that somewhere. Must find.”

“Hey, I appreciate the Star Trek reference.”

“Little known fact: the Jezail bullet was a cocktail — not a pick me up, though, so much as a sit me down.”

“221B? And when I say 221B, I mean $250.” (the auctioneer)

“Get that riding crop up.”

Ashley and Paul. Photo Credit: Emily Temple

“Face it, you need courage to be with a Sherlockian woman.”

“Is that a mongoose in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

“Jeremy Brett was openly bipolar and also bisexual — at a time when both of those were very hush hush. An amazing guy on screen and off.”

“Whenever Irene Adler gets into — er — whatever she gets into, she always looks natural.”