In Case You Missed It: From Crazy Domes to Funny Authors


This week at Flavorwire, we looked at some epically bad plans for New York City over the years — and by “epically bad,” we mean putting a two-mile-wide dome up over midtown Manhattan and filling in the Hudson. We revisited some of the scariest scenes in film history, as well as some of the all-time weirdest guest appearances on The Simpsons. Speaking of weird, we analyzed this year’s Oscar nominees, a list full of so many genuine surprises and shocking snubs that we’re all still talking about it days later. We had a good time compiling this list of the funniest living authors, and got a voyeuristic thrill from these photos of famous New Yorkers’ living rooms. Finally, we’ll leave you with this roundup of celebrities and the countries that banned them. Can you believe that The Beatles were permanently dis-invited from the Philippines? How could you stay mad at faces like these!