The Very Best of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey


We have a confession to make: we’ve never been that excited about the Golden Globes. After all, it’s kind of the kid sister of the Oscars, and we only have so much award show patience. But this year, we’re totally psyched, because the event will be hosted by Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, who may be our very favorite set of best friends of all time. So in preparation for tonight’s festivities, we’ve gone back through the archives and picked out some of the best of the pair’s collaborations. After the jump, our favorite Poehler/Fey onscreen moments, from good to better to best. Let us know which ones you love the most (and if you’re excited for tonight) in the comments.

Poehler and Fey on Leno in 2004

Even though Leno does nothing for us (at least in this interview), it always makes us smile to watch people we like having fun together on a talk show. Highlight: the theme songs the pair made up for their future TV sitcoms.

Mean Girls

Mean Girls is definitely one of the best things the pair worked on together, but their characters don’t really interact, so we have to put it low on the list. Then again, we have this excellent, if frustratingly truncated, clip of the stars (including Lindsay Lohan) rapping backstage. Please be our best friends!

Mom Jeans, 2003

Written by Fey and filmed at the beginning of Poehler’s SNL career, this 30 second clip is one of the show’s enduring classics. Simple, hilarious, full of ladies we love.

Baby Mama, 2008

This movie got mixed reviews, basically because it was a predictable, slightly comedy starring two amazing actresses — great small moments, trite big ones. But that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t watch any other feature film that Poehler and Fey decided to put out.

30 Rock Live Show, 2012

Say it with us: awwww.

The Jersey Floor on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Jersey Shore has been a cultural boon — in the sense that we’ve gotten a thousand and one hilarious parodies, this one included. We maintain that no one is better at fake bitch fighting than Amy Poehler.

The ASSSSCAT Improv TV Movie, 2005

Really the whole thing — but especially sexy tennis. Because nothing is sexier than two lady comedians willing to look utterly ridiculous.

Weekend Update

Fey and Poehler were the first two female comedians to host SNL‘s Weekend Update together — and in our opinion (much as we love Seth Meyers), it hasn’t been improved on since.

Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin Cold Open on SNL, 2008

And you thought Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin couldn’t get any better.