Flickr Found Photo Fridays: Don’t Let It Be Forgot


When Senator Ted Kennedy died Tuesday night, some say Camelot went with him. The moniker for King Arthur and the knights of the round table was originally applied to the Kennedy family by Jackie Kennedy herself soon after JFK’s death. While we can’t say whether Camelot will live on, we can address these events the only way we know how: by typing “Camelot” into Flickr and seeing what turns up. Join us for a special Found Photo Friday in memorium of Ted Kennedy.

“Camelot” is the name of a theme park in Great Britain, seen here in 1985. [via marbles333]

[via alicepopkorn]

Camelot: a classy name for both political dynasties and equestrian purposes. [via jennas]

The musical that inspired Jackie Kennedy was big in the ’60s, and remains a high school theatre staple. [via pehedges]

Camelot the hotel: in decay [via lost tulsa]

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More from the namesake amusement park. [via badenworld]

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