10 Things You May Have Missed on Flavorwire This Week


We know you love us, but it’s impossible that you’ve read everything that we’ve posted this week — unless you’ve got a really boring temp job, subscribe to our RSS feed, or have internet access in a low-security prison. To that end, here are links to ten of our most popular stories of the past week. Enjoy, and trade ’em with your friends.

1. Daily Dose Pick: Roxy Paine 2. Sad Architecture: A Wall Dies in Islington 3. Street Report: ReMapping Art in Athens 4. Contemporary Box Criticism: 10 Cardboard Boxes That Are Worth More Than Your Soul 5. Dissecting One Man’s Burning Desire to Destroy Hipster Runoff 6. Davey Dance Blog: Another Awesome Way To Avoid Work 7. Pic of the Day: Art or Animal Cruelty? 8. Trend Watch: Naked Book Covers 9. Daily Dose Pick: Nikkatsu Noir