Viva la Mix #19: Downloads From No Age, Karen O, YACHT, and Vega


Today’s mix will give you a taste of what music will sound like in the near future a.k.a. September. So give your fingers a little warm-up stretch and get ready to “Right Click, Save Link As,” because after the jump we present 10 essential downloads from our latest Viva Radio show that we consider required listening at Flavorpill HQ. Enjoy!

1. Sunnybrook – “Willow Wale” Exactly as the song title describes. Breezy like the willow, mysterious like the whale. In other words, harmonious echoes over percussive clicks, claps, and folky guitar. [Download Now] via Weekly Tape Deck

2. No Age – “You’re a Target” Lo-fi kings No Age return with a new single from their soon to be released EP, Losing Feeling. Note: lo-fi does not always mean the recording is a fuzz-ball mess. This raucous number is melodic and crisp. [Download Now] via The Fader

3. Fool’s Gold – “Nadine (Memory Tapes Remix)” Mr. Memory Tapes/Memory Cassette/Weird Tapes is everywhere on the internet right now. Including this song. [Download Now] via The Fader

4. Taken by Trees – “My Boys” A female take on the Animal Collective song, “My Girls.” The woman is the breadwinner in this tune and the blippity Animal Collective synth has been replaced with tribal beats, guitar, and perhaps a keyboard on saxophone setting. Gender reversal never felt so right. [Download Now] via Pasta Primavera

5. Karen O and the Kids – “All is Love” Did you really think that Arcade Fire song would be the only indie track to come out of the Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack? The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Karen O teams up with a posse of rowdy children to further the impending movie’s sense of childhood nostalgia. [Download Now] via Super 45

6. Washed Out – “Hold Out” Where would this summer in indie music be without the dreamy, psychedelic and recently coined genre, chillwave? Washed Out’s latest song is from his upcoming September release, Mexican Summer is more aggressively chill than his previous works. [Download Now] via Gorilla Vs. Bear

7. YACHT – “Psychic City” As Dave Longstreth from from the Dirty Projectors describes, “Positive energy rainbow dome music from a next-generation west coast healer.” That is why this band will be guest writing for Flavorwire during the week of September 14-18th. [Download Now] via Pitchfork

8. Health – “Before Tigers” Pounding drums coupled with clangs of distortion a weird synth/feedback sound that is akin to getting sun in your eyes. This is a good thing. [Download Now] via Monstrous Media

9. Themselves & Why? – “Canada” Canada feels fantastic in your ears. The Themselves and Why? collaboration has yielded the best bell-driven song of the year. [Download Now] via Pitchfork

10. Vega – “No Reasons” Yes, Beyonce and Jay-Z attended a Grizzly Bear show over the weekend, but let’s not forget that they also got down to the opening act. Vega is the super dancey project of Neon Indian’s Alan Palomo. [Download Here] via Gorilla Vs. Bear