Jay-Z and Beyonce and at a Grizzly Bear Show???


Photo credit: Derek Lo

Your eyes do not deceive you. That is most certainly Jiggaman and Sasha Fierce in the flesh. Attending the last Jelly Pool party of the season in Brooklyn, Jay-Z and Beyonce are vibing out to the Grizzly Bear song, “Ready, Able.” In the words of ‘benmanship,’ the YouTube user who posted the video, “no people recognized him but it was chill… they had cops around and some big dudes.” Chill is right. First Stephenie Meyer professes her love for Grizzly Bear’s latest album, Veckatimest, and now Jay-Z, a man who recently came out with a song called, “Ghetto Techno,” digs the band as well. Grizzly Bear might just be the biggest indie cross-over act ever. And hey, we’re not complaining — we heart the Griz.

Check out the YouTube video after the jump.

We also hear that New York Senator Chuck Schumer was there. Sadly, we do not have any video of him to post.