Musicians and Their Private Jets: A Timeline in Photos


Whenever we watch any sort of Rolling Stones documentary, there’s almost always footage of the band frolicking around their personalized private jet with a half dozen half-naked girls. Inspired by such a display, we’ve created a timeline of famous musicians who have been photographed with (and aboard) their very own private planes. Let it be known — as time progresses, the photos aren’t as cool (and neither are the musicians, really), but go ahead and check ’em out anyway. Click through for our Flavorwire roundup of musicians and their private jets, then hit the comments to lend us your thoughts.

The Beatles, 1964

The Rolling Stones: 1965

The Rolling Stones, 1972

Led Zeppelin, 1973

Photo credit: Michael Brennan/

Deep Purple, 1974

Elton John, 1975

David Bowie, 1978 (with Shelley Duvall)

Michael Jackson, 1991

U2, 1992

Iron Maiden, 2008

Bon Jovi, 2009

Kiss, 2010

U2, 2010

Lady Gaga, 2011

Rick Ross, 2011

Taylor Swift, 2012

Beyoncé, 2012