10 Bizarre Lost Tourist Attractions We Wish Were Still Around


We always want to make the most of a hallowed day off, and so out comes the offbeat travel guide we got at an office white elephant party, and then — inevitably — the New York Times Travel section. Be it a colorful festival of birds in a Minnesota bog or battling nature-deficit disorder in a more hands-on way by attending a work song workshop and then putting the results to practice in the fields of a historic plantation, we crave unusual adventures. In honor of rip-roaring excursions, we’ve rounded up some of the most intriguing but bizarre tourist attractions of a bygone roadside era. From alligator farms and ostrich racetracks to meteorite museums, click through to check out lost roadside attractions we’d love to visit.

The Seville Peacock Farm — Clearwater, Florida

Image credit: Lost Parks; The Postcard Depot

Moonshine Still — St. Augustine, Florida

Image credit: Lost Parks; The St. Augustine Record; Florida Memory

Casper’s Ostrich and Alligator Farm and Racetrack — St. Augustine, Florida

Image credit: FavoriteMemories; Florida Memory

California Alligator Farm — Los Angeles, California

Image credit: KCET; John Fry

American Meteorite Museum — Meteor City, Arizona

Image credit: Meteorite Collector; Jensen Meteorites

Tom Gaskins’ Cypress Knee Museum — Palmdale, Florida

Image credit: Merri Belland via Florida Memory

Bible Land — Calimesa, California

Image credit: Gary Bogus

Yosemite “Firefall” – Yosemite National Park, California

Image credit: Firefall; Jassy 50

End of The Oregon Trail Interpretive Center and Museum –- Oregon City, Oregon

Image credit: Hells Canyon Scenic Byway

The Honey Bee Observatory — Fort Myers, Florida

Image credit: Lost Parks