Ladies and Gentleman: The Worst Idea for a TV Show Ever


In his latest casting scoop roundup ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY‘s MICHAEL AUSIELLO spills the beans that STEPHEN TOBOLOWSKY, who played KRISTEN BELL’s skeezy dad on HEROES, has “joined the cast of FOX’s upcoming musicomedy.”

The one-hour series called GLEE “centers on a Spanish teacher (Broadway star MATTHEW MORRISON) tasked with taking over a high school glee club.” [EW]

It’s the brainchild of NIP/TUCK creator RYAN MURPHY, a fact that we find totally weird because that show that doesn’t suck.

After the jump, our list of five TV shows from the past decade that were almost as Glee sounds; feel free to chime in with any we missed.

TARADISE – One-woman train wreck TARA REID drinking her way around the world

VIVA LAUGHLIN – A musical-dramedy about casino life in the spirit of COP ROCK

CAVEMEN – An annoying commercial expanded into an entire series — awesome

BIG DAY – A whole comedy series about one couple’s wedding day

GEORGE – All the proof needed that the boxer grills much better than he acts