Pleasingly Harmonious Photos of Our Stunning Array of Retail Choices


We don’t tend to think of supermarkets and drug stores as gorgeous settings — in fact, they’re so much a part of daily drudgery that we rarely consider their aesthetic merits at all. But in his series Choices, San Francisco-based photographer Richard Stultz captures what he calls the “perverse beauty” of the patterns and color combinations in the everyday retail displays that reflect America’s vast variety of consumer products. Click through to see a selection of images from Choices, which we discovered via Faith is Torment, and visit Stultz’s website to find about more about his work.

Richard Stultz, Family Portrait

Richard Stultz, 42 Ties

Richard Stultz, Threads

Richard Stultz, Consensual Cover Up

Richard Stultz, Purple Haze

Richard Stultz, Sterile

Richard Stultz, Where Milk Comes From

Richard Stultz, Decadence

Richard Stultz, Fancy Feast

Richard Stultz, Five Cans Gone