In Case You Missed It: From Famous People's Business Cards to the Next Bechdel


This week on Flavorwire, we were a little more obsessed with famous people than we usually are around these parts, examining everything from their fascinating business cards to their final photographs to the evolution of their private jets. We met the people who hang out at New York’s public libraries and eight worthy successors to Alison Bechdel. We got an interesting look at some lovely burlesque performers both costumed and in the nude. We were taken to task for suggesting that Joss Whedon would do an excellent job of rebooting the Harry Potter series. We got a little bit mushy over these photos of elderly folks dancing and the love stories of history’s brainiest power couples. And finally, we explored some of the most weird and wonderful conspiracy theories that the world of music has thrown up over the years. So much crazy! Naturally, we’re exhausted. In fact, we plan to spend this snowy evening curling up with a bottle of wine and Pride and Prejudice: The Board Game. What about you?