What Your Favorite Record as a Kid Says About You Now


Does music make the man? Or does it maybe just influence him a little? Yesterday, the folks over at A.V. Club recommended a few albums meant to positively (whatever that means) influence kids’ future music tastes, and we got to thinking about our favorite records as children and young teenagers and the impact they might have had on our current personalities — for good or ill. After the jump, we’ve collected a few of our (wildly subjective, tongue-in-cheek) conclusions. So read on to find out what your favorite record as a youngster says about you now, and let us know if we’ve got your number — or if we’re way off base — in the comments.

The Beatles — Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band

You’ve experimented with psychedelic drugs.

The Beatles — The White Album

You’ve experimented with psychedelic drugs, but don’t find them half as insane or interesting as real life.

The Beatles — Rubber Soul

You’d rather read a book than do drugs.

“Weird Al” Yankovic — Straight Outta Lynwood

You’re still too white and nerdy.

David Bowie — Space Oddity

It may have taken a while, but you’ve finally figured out where you belong.

Belle & Sebastian — Tigermilk

You’ve hoarded all of the family heirlooms into your own home.

The Talking Heads — Speaking in Tongues

You still call it “making flippy floppy.”

AC/DC — Highway to Hell

You don’t know what it is, but you don’t hear that well anymore.

Bob Dylan — Blonde on Blonde

You’re resigned to the fact that all your relationships are doomed to fail.

They Might Be Giants — Flood

You love dad jokes.

Patti Smith — Horses

Your basement is filled with your oil paintings and photographs. They’re actually pretty good.

The Beach Boys — Pet Sounds

Your convertible is your prized possession.

Tom Chapin — Billy the Squid

You annoy your friends by trying to use as many big words as possible. Also you’re really, really into puns.

The Dave Matthews Band — Crash

Either you rebelled against your former self, went through a punk phase and came out all right, or you own a car dealership.

The Mountain Goats — Zopilote Machine

You’re a writer. And probably a drinker.

Elvis Presley — Elvis Presley

You still dance in front of the mirror and overreact to celebrities you see on the street.

Ella Fitzgerald — Porgy and Bess

You’ve got some serious class.

Johnny Cash — Johnny Cash with His Hot and Blue Guitar

People always tell you you’re hard to get to know. It’s just because you’re ahead of your time.

Joan Baez — Joan Baez

You’re active in your community.

Elvis Costello — My Aim is True

You think kids these days are actually kind of great.

Ben Folds Five — Ben Folds Five

You still have not figured out women.

The Modern Lovers — The Modern Lovers

You’ve called Pablo Picasso an asshole.

The Clash — London Calling

Don’t listen to what anybody says — those leather pants still look good on you.

Joni Mitchell — Blue

You’ve always taken breakups really hard — but you hide it well.

Fleetwood Mac — Rumours

You’re a straight-laced business man with a pair of moccasins in your closet.

Marvin Gaye — What’s Going On

You care.