The Best and Worst of Last Night's 'SNL' with Adam Levine


Ladies and gentlemen, last night we found Saturday Night Live… actually pretty funny! No, there weren’t any classic sketches, and yes, Adam Levine is clearly not used to reading cue cards, but overall, Levine charmed, we laughed, and only a few segments totally dragged. Plus, we got to see cameos from Cameron Diaz and Jerry Seinfeld. After the jump, chuckle at the best sketches and throw your popcorn at the worst — or tell us we’ve got it twisted in the comments.

The Best:

Circle Work

On “Circle Work,” two uber-flamboyant gay men try to work out the problems of straight people, the answer always being that the guy is gay. Not a great premise, but the performances sold us — Kenan Thompson spelling out “You’re as gay as a gay goose in a gay goose parade!” was priceless, and Levine was clearly going for it, so it goes down as a win in our book.

Sopranos High

The Sopranos go back to high school in the 80s! We probably don’t have to convince you further, but the impressions (always an SNL strong point) are on point here, the writing is good, and we’re up for anything mocking The Carrie Diaries.


Well, it doesn’t quite live up to the digital shorts of old, but in this day and age, even middle-grade Lonely Island is more than welcome. And, as staunch haters of the term “YOLO,” the premise made us giggle.

The Worst:

Firehouse Incident

Look, we love Bill Hader as much as the next guy — more, probably — but screaming for three minutes is not comedy. It’s a shame, because with a set up like that, this sketch could have gotten super weird instead of just loud.

Adam and Janet

We thought we’d never have to see Janet again, but alas. Yes, SNL, Bobby Moynihan in super ugly in drag, and ugly ladies talking dirty and throwing themselves on hot pop stars is gross. That single cheap idea can’t be the whole sketch, though.

Biden Bash

What? We don’t even understand.