Separated at Birth: Grace Coddington’s Doppelganger


We can’t wait to see The September Issue , R. J. Cutler’s documentary treatment of queen bee fashion magazine Vogue. Aside from Anna Wintour, one of the film’s stars is Grace Coddington, the magazine’s longtime creative director. (To wit, Gawker says that Grace — the unlikely victor in this glossy cage match — steals the show.) Where Wintour is known for her signature bob and sunglasses, Coddington’s trademarks are her red hair and barely-there eyebrows. We hesitate to say this because we’re not implying that anyone is a witch, but: Coddington, a former model, really, really reminds us of Bette Midler’s character in Hocus Pocus, the 1993 Disney Halloween comedy. It’s uncanny, right? Check out Coddington in action, after the jump.