Casting Tina Fey's Broadway Musical Adaptation of 'Mean Girls'


Last night on the SAG red carpet, Tina Fey delighted the world with the notion of writing a Mean Girls musical with her husband (who does all the 30 Rock music.) Being the modest goddess that she is, she hasn’t given much thought to her dream cast yet, aside from Mariah Carey as Mrs. George. Whether Mariah Carey can channel Amy Poehler is up for debate, but while Tina Fey works out the final details with Paramount and gets writing, all we have to entertain ourselves with until this momentous occasion of sheer joy is to dream up a cast ourselves. So, here’s Flavorwire’s ultimate fantasy cast for the teen comedy classic.

Emma Stone as Cady Heron

Did you know?: Before she was the most likeable actress around, Emma Stone was entering obscure singing competitions and belting it out for any chance at fame (and that is one lovely voice that never gets put to use!) Since then, she’s gained experience playing a high schooler in Superbad and Easy A, making her the perfect wide-eyed, funny girl to play the lead.

Megan Hilty as Regina George

For those Smash love/haters out there, you’ll recognize her as Ivy, Katherine McPhee’s busty blonde rival for the part of Marilyn. Prior to this big break, Megan played Glinda in Wicked on Broadway for quite some time, and her rendition of “Popular” speaks for itself and proves she’d make one intimidating, infamous Regina George.

Emmy Rossum as Gretchen Wieners

If there’s one actress with “hair so big, it’s full of secrets,” it’s Emmy Rossum. But, more importantly, the starlet jumpstarted her career as Christine in the Phantom of the Opera film adaptation, and while she’s mostly played innocent ingénue types, her recent starring role in Shameless shows the gal got some bite. Also, she’s good at crying and would nail that gold hoop earring monologue like a pro.

Amanda Seyfried as Karen Smith

Since we know Amanda Seyfried can sing, why not give her the chance to reinvent Karen on a Broadway stage? After all, she still thinks it was her best work, so she’d be the most grateful person ever to get to relive it again.

Mae Whitman as Janis Ian

She was practically invisible as Arrested Development’s Ann Veal, then blossomed into a sensitive outcast in Parenthood and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. And, on top of being prime Janis Ian material, Mae has also done the guest vocals for an indie-punk band called Fake Problems and even sang a bit in Parenthood, so someone should get this girl a chance to have a real singing debut.

Adam DeVine as Damien

You’ll recognize him as one of the creators and stars of Workaholics, but he also recently demonstrated his singing and dancing chops in Pitch Perfect. He can play slightly arrogant as well as he can awkward, and with his comedic and musical abilities, his rendition of “Beautiful” would actually be able to compare to the one in the movie.

Eddie Redmayne as Aaron Samuels

Cady’s motivation to hook up with Aaron Samuels would be so much stronger if he were an English exchange student (they could bond over being new to American school systems!) But, for real, Eddie was so insanely charming in Les Mis and is the exact type of attractive that attracts both the mean and nice girls.

Casey Wilson as Ms. Norbury

Playing the perpetually single gal on Happy Endings, Casey Wilson would fit the role of the can’t-catch-a-break, do-gooder Ms. Norbury like a glove. And while this video of her doing a duet cover of Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn” with Megan Mullally is hilarious, there’s no questioning the fact that this funny lady can sing.

Norm Lewis as Principal Duvall

If your friends won’t stop complaining about Russell Crowe as Javert, it’s probably because they saw Norm Lewis in the role. A Broadway star, he’s played Porgy in Porgy and Bess and King Triton in The Little Mermaid, but it would be great to see him in a truly comedic role, one where he ends up wrangling a chaos of crazed junior girls with a baseball bat.

Kristin Chenoweth as Mrs. George

If Megan Hilty is Regina, then who better to play her mom than this O.G. (Original Glinda, from Wicked?) As fans of Pushing Daisies know, she can capture tragic desperation for approval with the snap of a finger (poor “hopelessly devoted” Olive Snook). Also, as evidenced from her Tony-winning performance as Sally Brown from You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, she’s funny as hell.