Would You Rather See Woody Allen’s Manhattan Moved to Brooklyn or Taken Over By Muppets?


Fans of director Woody Allen (especially, we find, those who think Annie Hall is too mainstream) absolutely die for Manhattan, the 1979 romantic comedy wherein Allen’s character romances a 17-year-old. Today we came across an update of Allen’s film, bearing the all-too-appropriate-for-2009 new name, Brooklyn. The trailer absolutely nails the opening montage with classical accompaniment. A very cool idea, we must concede, but how does it stack up to another offshoot of Manhattan we found a few months ago? That one starred Muppets. Check out both videos after the jump, and voice your opinion in the comments.

First, the trailer for the currently-unfinished Brooklyn, written and directed by Ricky D’Ambrose:

Next, the Muppet version, which won first place in a new media mash-up contest:

So, what do you think? As a bonus we’ve embedded D’Ambrose’s “Moments From A Film School” because it makes us laugh. Could he be the next Allen?