Music World Police Blotter: Grizzly Bear, Michael Jackson, Boy George, Travis Barker and a Mysterious Piano


Silly Indie rock’s Grizzly Bear is in fake big trouble with the Web Sheriff for posting a track on their Web site from Animal Collective called “Brother Sport” that is not set to be released until this January. [Stereogum]

Sad Michael Jackson, who recently converted to Islam and changed his name to Mikaeel, will testify in London’s High Court this week at a $7 million breach-of-contract lawsuit brought by the king of Bahrain’s son. Jackson allegedly backed out of a deal to produce an album and stage play penned by the young royal. [UPI]

Scandalous Boy George is accused of handcuffing a male escort into the wall by his bed after they met on a social networking site called Gaydar. They were supposed to meet for a pornographic photo shoot, but when George thought the guy was hacking his laptop, things turned ugly. [BBC]

Serious Travis Barker is suing the plane company responsible for his September crash for gross negligence. Barker — who suffered extensive third-degree burns — and DJ AM were the accident’s only survivors. [MTV]

Strange A mysterious, tuned piano abandoned in the middle of some woods in Cape Cod has area police stumped. We’d put David Byrne first on the shortlist of suspects. [CNN]