The Back of Don Draper’s Head Lives to See Season 4


This just in from Arts Beat: AMC has renewed the next season of Mad Men! This might seem about as surprising as ABC renewing Grey’s Anatomy for another season, but despite the show’s critical darling status, it’s not exactly a ratings powerhouse, and we wouldn’t have called season four a sure thing by any means. (Let us not forget the drama that surrounded renewing season three.)

With amazing buzz so far this season, we hope this vote of confidence from AMC will push show creator Matthew Weiner to ever more obsessive levels of genius. Witness, for instance, Sunday night’s boogie session between Pete and his wife Trudy. Is it fair to say the two jitterbugged their way into the hearts of network executives? We think so. Or maybe it was the Charleston? Truth be told, we spent about 15 minutes Sunday night trying to figure out the name of that old-fashioned vaudeville knee-switching optical illusion dance, to no avail. Check it out in all its gloriousness after the jump.

Fast forward to about 4:20 to watch Pete and Trudy dance! They need to make an anachronistic guest appearance on Dancing with the Stars.