The Everyday Lives of Furries at Home


Though they might not always like to admit it, furries are people too. The geeky subculture known as “furry fandom” has gotten a lot of press over the years — most of it related to the sexual aspects of some parts of the culture. But British photographer Tom Broadbent knows that for all their apparent weirdness, furries are a lot more like us than we may imagine. In his ongoing series At Home With the Furries, which we recently spotted over at Feature Shoot, Broadbent captures some of these “furries” at home, engaging in the same mundane tasks we’re all familiar with — just a little bit more fuzzily. After the jump, check out a few of our favorites from Broadbent’s series, and then be sure to head on over to his website to see the rest, as well as much more of his work.

Zuki, a Gargoyle at home. Zuki lives in Milton Keynes and works in IT. Photo Credit: Tom Broadbent

Chil, a disco gryphon eats breakfast at home. Chil is a project manager who lives in Brighton with his partner, Red Russell. Photo Credit: Tom Broadbent

Ashram, a dragon in his garden. Ashram is one of Zuki’s suits. Photo Credit: Tom Broadbent

Broccoli, a pink boar works in fursuits for a living. Photo Credit: Tom Broadbent

Isaambard Kingdom Brunel is a sheep who lives in Leicester. He works in IT systems. Photo Credit: Tom Broadbent

Kreek and Quartermane are a woodland nymph and steampunk lion respectively. They live together in Brighton. Photo Credit: Tom Broadbent

Rochelle is a cat. She lives in Leicester. Photo Credit: Tom Broadbent

Moon, a deer in her local woods in Sheffield. Photo Credit: Tom Broadbent

Twinkie is a North American Sea Otter and when he’s not swimming and jet-skiiing he likes to go fishing. Photo Credit: Tom Broadbent

Lupus Londonwood and Alfa Fox, a wolf and fox. They live together in Bishops Stortford. Photo Credit: Tom Broadbent