25 Presents for Your Valentine That Don't Suck


Can we all agree that February is the absolute worst? Not only is the winter weather usually at its most brutal, but we’re also in that awkward lull in the TV schedule, with nothing new and exciting to look forward to until spring. Then there’s Valentine’s Day, which, if you’re anything like us, can be surprisingly stressful for a holiday that was once about simple pleasures, like doling out drugstore cards and cheap candy. In the interest of making things a bit easier for everyone involved, we’ve spent the past few years rounding up presents for that special dude or lady in your life that are actually desirable — ie, there’s nary a sad plush toy clutching a rose in sight. And our latest installment might just be the best one yet! In fact, we like these gifts so much that if you happen to be single when the 14th rolls around, we insist that you steal a page from Tom and Donna’s book and treat yourself to something nice. From pretty affordable prints to DIY pickling kits, check out our picks after the jump.

Mates For Life Print by Screech Owl Design, $27

X O Earrings by Grace Lee, $255

Kings County Distillery Chocolate Flavored Whiskey, $20

Famous Red Notebook by Best Made Company, $12

Hudson’s Bay Company Multistripe Caribou Throw, $150

Ryan Gosling Coloring Book by I LOVE MEL, £8

Cracked Cinnamon Jumper by Zinke, $138

Love at Mast Valentine’s Day Collection by Murray’s Cheese, $50

Retro Red Alarm Clock, $19

The Damned Bullet-Proof Pocket Square, $180

Noble Tonic 01: Tuthilltown Bourbon Barrel Matured Maple Syrup, $29

Valentine’s Multipack by Tattly, $25

The BOOKMAN Bicycle Light Set in Raging Red, $29

Brooklyn Brine Pickling Kit, $30

Tasty Bacon Apron by Nicola Rowlands, $30

Cat Eye Mask by Naomilingerie, $24

Crossword Scarf by Madewell, $45

Domoor Mug by Richard Huttens, $23

12oz. Bag of Hair Bender by Stumptown Coffee Roasters, $14

Skeleton with Arrow Plate by John Derian, $48

Whisk(e)y Lovers Set by Terforma, $80

Rose Collection by The Sill, $48

Je T’aime Pendant Necklace by Yellow Owl Workshop, $44

Bonjour Poster by Blanca Gómez, 12€

Spin To See Who Pays Bottle Opener by HYDE, $28