Do You Plan to Make Kurt Cobain Rap in Guitar Hero 5?


Pitchfork just put up a post titled Watch Kurt Cobain Sing Bush, Bon Jovi, Billy Idol in “Guitar Hero 5”. (They also apologized in advance.) While we already knew that you’d be able to “be” Johnny Cash in this latest version of the video game, we find the addition of Kurt Cobain a little shocking. There’s something about playing him that feels wrong — like it’s way too soon. (Pitchfork reports, “Cobain’s digitized form is pretty lifelike, right down to the ratty green cardigan and the Daniel Johnston t-shirt.”)

Cobain committed suicide back in April of 1994. Cash died in September of 2003. Are we being sensitive just because we wore black for a week straight after Cobain died? Or is there something tasteless about the fact that we can make him sing Bush now? Maybe it’s a gut feeling that he would have absolutely hated this. (Surprisingly, a cursory search found no organized boycotts in place.) Watch the video after the jump, and leave a comment letting us know what you think.