Five Reasons We Love Cate Blanchett


1. Arts Beat reports that Cate Blanchett — currently playing Blanche DuBois in a production of A Streetcar Named Desire for the the Sydney Theater Company — continued to act in a scene after a prop radio fell on her head during a a fight scene with Joel Edgerton, who is playing Stanley Kowalski. Blood poured down her head and neck, the house lights went up, and the audience was asked to leave. She is expected back for tonight’s performance.

Streetcar opens at BAM in late November.

2. This exchange from 1998’s Elizabeth, referenced by Blair Waldorf in the season finale of Gossip Girl: Dudley: For God’s sake, you are still my Elizabeth. Elizabeth: I am not your Elizabeth. I am no man’s Elizabeth. And if you think to rule here, you are mistaken. I will have one mistress here… and no master.

3. She made the crazy idea of a woman playing Bob Dylan work in Todd Haynes’ I’m Not There.

4. Starring opposite Brad Pitt in a movie would be stressful for any actress in image-obsessed Hollywood. Looking just as good as he does when he’s playing a man who reverse ages? Incredible.

5. Two words made the recent Indiana Jones flick watchable and jumpsuits seem like a smart sartorial choice: Irina Spalko.