American Apparel Ad Banned in the UK


Gawker reports that the UK Advertising Standards Authority has banned the American Apparel ad above, which ran in Vice, because it features a partially-nude model who appears to be under 16. We can’t believe we’re actually about to defend American Apparel, but she’s actually 23 and we’re guessing that the ad is one of the least provocative images that readers came across in the issue. (Just take a peep at this recent NSFW DON’T.)

The Guardian has the official explanation from the ASA:

“We considered that the photographs suggested that she was stripping off for an amateur-style photo shoot. Because the ad could be seen to sexualize a model who appeared to be a child, under the age of 16 years, we concluded that it was inappropriate and could cause serious offense to some readers.”

This take on the issue by Gawker commenter once made us laugh: “But this is the UK: they’re used to their 23-yr-olds looking like Amy Winehouse (AW=45 in US years). This young woman only looks about 5 to them, put a cigarette in her mouth, 10, tops.”

Where do you think AA arch nemesis Woody Allen would stand on this?