‘Revenge’ Season 2, Episode 13 Recap: Last Night’s Winners and Losers


Life is so much more interesting in the Hamptons. At least, it is in the soap world of Revenge, where it’s a high-class hotbed for the exploits of the rich, beautiful, and irrevocably corrupt. Though it’s quite different for the beguiling Emily Thorne (née Amanda Clarke), who’s returned to the Hamptons of her childhood with a hefty agenda: to learn the truth about her past, and retribute those who framed her father for a heinous crime he didn’t commit. We’re keeping weekly score of Emily’s endeavors, and the many others of our favorite Hamptonians, by calling each episode’s winners and losers. This week, after a fortnight’s break, we returned to the scheming world of Revenge with an action-packed episode, from fake Amanda and Jack’s wedding to Emily showing some emotion (aside from vengefulness), and an outright shocker from Victoria. Below, discover this week’s victors and losers – who, again, far outweigh the winners – and leave a comment to let us know if you think we’ve played fair.


Amanda: Though it wasn’t really her big day and she’s not exactly the girl of his dreams, fake Amanda got married to the man of her dreams last night. She also got Emily to put up the money to buy back the share of the Stowaway from Conrad. Of course, Emily thinks she’s giving the couple the ultimate wedding present, but really it could be their downfall, as Conrad gears up to play hardball with Amanda and Jack when he refuses to sell back his share of the Stowaway, deciding that the original terms he settled on with Jack have since changed. Amanda’s victory comes as she manages to outsmart Conrad using incriminating video footage – which she attains by hacking into Emily’s virtual stash of Grayson dirt (password: “infinity”; surely, Emily, you’re smarter than that?!) – as leverage to change his mind. Oh, and on top of the wedding, and getting to watch Conrad Grayson squirm, Jack surprised Amanda with a honeymoon in Nantucket. It’s all right for some…

Daniel and Victoria: Victoria finally did her son a favor and told Daniel what’s going on — that Helen’s from the Initiative, and that he’s in huge amounts of danger. While this initially lands Daniel in further trouble with the Initiative, as omnipotent Helen sees the whole thing and threatens Daniel’s safety on a visit to Grayson Manor to see Victoria, the indomitable Mrs. Grayson ultimately manages to keep Daniel out of harm’s way – even if it means mother and son will have a corpse to contend with at the end of the episode.


Jack: Not only did Jack just marry the wrong girl, he’s currently on a Nantucket-bound boat with his impostor wife and a Ryan brother who’s seeking his own revenge after Conrad allowed Jack to buy back his share of the Stowaway. And just when things were finally lightening up around there!

Charlotte and Declan: With Amanda and Jack honeymooning, they’re stuck looking after the baby again, and their lives are about to take another turn for the worse. Is anyone else getting really fed up with all the doom and gloom at the Stowaway? It’s so bleak, a part of me wouldn’t mind if the Stowaway was washed out to sea, putting everyone out of their misery. Please, Revenge, I beg of you, stop trying to be Les Mis.

Aiden: Discovering that the video Helen showed him of his sister, Colleen, being taunted was from six years ago, Aiden tracks down the location of the video in Jersey City and learns at the coroner’s office that she was indeed killed. Aiden’s still angry at Emily, though he knows he can no longer blame her for Colleen’s death.

Emily: Emily misses her father more than ever this week, as it seems she’s losing all the remaining men in her life. First, Aiden refuses to stick by her following their bust-up, and then she has to watch the man she thought she’d marry get married to an impostor. And finally, Daniel, now aware that the Initiative is onto him, decides to distance himself from Emily to protect her. Emily’s not alone at the end, however. After all that, Aiden comes around and they have a cuddle by the bonfire on the beach; their mutual revenge will keep them together.

Nolan and Padma: This couple isn’t getting any stronger, though this week, Padma does come clean to Nolan about her tie to the Initiative, who were holding her father to blackmail her into getting hold of the Carrion program Nolan designed. Of course, Nolan’s smart and was onto Padma a while ago, putting a void version of Carrion in her hands. Despite Padma’s admission, however, Nolan remains skeptical of her for now.

Helen: As you know by now, Helen from the Initiative got killed off last night. And just when she was getting all that screen time! As Helen scores access to the Grayson’s – empty – safe (a nifty joke of Victoria’s), she turns around to find Victoria pointing a gun at her. Reminding Victoria of the guilt she feels for betraying David Clarke, adding that it would be nothing compared to the remorse of murder, Helen underestimates Victoria, who promptly shoots her in the chest. To add insult to injury, poor Helen dies in the poolhouse; she doesn’t even get a grand exit in Grayson Manor.