Adventures in Fandom on New .GIF Search Engine Giphy


The idea behind new search engine Giphy is so brilliantly simple we’re shocked no one’s come up with it before (and the site’s creator’s know it, too; the tagline is “This is Giphy. You’re welcome.”) Instead of forcing Tumblr addicts to keep massive animated .GIF folders of all their favorite reaction shots, Giphy designed a clean, efficient search engine for the Internet’s favorite image format. Even in the age of relatively mainstream blogs like What Should We Call Me, though, a glance at Giphy’s front page reveals that the site caters to the kind of dedicated fandoms that popularized the .GIF in the first place. So, in further service to the cult followings that obsess over Sherlock, Honey Boo Boo, Community, and other online favorites, we’ve compiled the best that Giphy has to offer for fans of the Internet’s most hashtagged topics.




Doctor Who

Honey Boo Boo

Harry Potter

Mean Girls

One Direction