Literary Snooping: Photos of Our Bookshelves


Everyone loves a little book snooping (at least everybody we know does). Last summer, we treated you to an investigation of Flavorpill staffers’ bedside to-read piles, but now we’re broadening the field a little bit and taking a look at our bookshelves, from the tiny and elegant to the sprawling, from those crammed with tattered novels to the ones mostly populated by knick-knacks. After all, a bookshelf can say a lot about a person — though exactly what, we couldn’t tell you. Click through to peek at the at-home bookshelves of a few members of the extended Flavorpill family — just don’t judge us on our messiness. We have full-time jobs, you know.

Tom Hawking, Music Editor

Jason Bailey, Film Editor

Laura Benigno, Social Media Coordinator

Jason Diamond, Deputy Editor, Flavorpill Brooklyn

Asha Saluja, Accountant

Sascha Lewis, Co-Founder, and Natasha Blank

Alison Nastasi, Weekend Editor

“Here’s my top shelf. The Hans Christian Andersen and Brothers Grimm books have been in my family for ages. My mother and grandmother’s bookplates are inside each one, which makes them extra special to me.”

Jill Knight, Accountant

Christina Walsh, Flavorpill Intern

“It’s kind of a shelf. More of an altar to honor writing.”

Tanja M. Laden, Managing Editor, Flavorpill LA

Russ Marshalek, erstwhile Social Media Director, current Silent Drape Runner

Sophie Weiner, erstwhile Social Media Manager, current Silent Drape Runner

Shana Nys Dambrot, Flavorpill contributor

Judy Berman, Flavorwire Editor

Emily Temple, Literary Editor