’90s TV Shows That Would Make Great Theme Parties


Do you enjoy throwing super-random theme parties that make your friends ask, “Where the hell did that idea come from?” If so, this list is for you! We’ve already brought you books, albums, movies, and songs that would make great theme parties, and now we’re getting decade-specific, with ’90s TV shows that would make great theme parties. After the jump, you’ll find our tips for everything from Twin Peaks to Kenan & Kel parties. Check ’em out, and hit the comments to add your own party ideas.

Freaks and Geeks

We’ve said it once,and we’ll say it again — Freaks and Geeks would make a great theme party. Everyone has to dress like a “freak” or a “geek,” by the show’s early-’80s standards. Get a keg full of nonalcoholic beer and tell everyone it’s alcoholic, or vice versa, and blast “Jesus Is Just Alright” at least ten times. Better yet — hold a karaoke contest. The winner gets to be Millie.


Your friends won’t see this one coming. A Baywatch party could be a “beach party” where everyone wears red clothes and/or swimsuits and cracks David Hasselhoff jokes. Serve cocktails with tiny umbrellas, fill your house with beach balls, string a banner across the room that says “Don’t Hassle the Hoff,” and invest in these jams.

My So-Called Life

Oversize flannels, boots, hair dye from a box — this party should be soundtracked by Buffalo Tom, naturally, with a little 30 Seconds to Mars sprinkled in so you can lament how far Jordan Catalano has fallen. Provide cheap alcohol — it is a ’90s high school party, after all.


A Seinfeld party could go in so many directions, but we’ll take the Frank Costanza route. Regardless of the time of year, throw a Festivus party and fill your night with a “feats of strength” and an “airing of grievances.” Provide soup “catered” by the Soup Nazi. Pick one person and refuse her to give him/her soup.

Twin Peaks

A Twin Peaks party should involve lots of cherry pie, spiked coffee, donuts, and a “Miss Twin Peaks” contest. You know how Mardi Gras king cakes have tiny plastic babies inside of them? And whoever finds one gets to be “king,” or whatever? Well — for the Twin Peaks party, put a tiny plastic girl (Laura Palmer) in the cherry pie. Whoever finds her gets to be… Pete Martell?

Saved by the Bell

A Saved by the Bell party would be your generic ’90s party — everyone on the show had different ’90s styles, so tell your friends to come wearing anything from crop-tops to mullets. Play games that involve a timer, or a “bell” — like, hot potato with an old cellphone. Loser has to take a shot.

Doogie Howser, M.D.

For a Doogie Howser party, everyone has to dress like a ’90s kid, a doctor, or a ’90s kid doctor. Serve drinks in tiny Dixie cups and provide Jell-o, pudding, and other hospital-style snacks for your guests.

Kenan & Kel

Serve drinks mixed with orange soda and [Good]burgers. What else do you need for a successful party, really? Feel free to throw this party on a Saturday night, turn on SNL, and discuss the fact that Kenan apparently wants nothing to do with Kel.