10 MP3s You Need to Download for Free This Week: Yo La Tengo, Kurt Vile


It’s Friday, which means that we’re very much looking forward to a post-work drink, and also that it’s time for our regular roundup of new music to get your hands on this week. Today we’ve got a rather lovely meandering ten-minute single from Kurt Vile, a great new track from ex-Devastations types Standish/Carlyon, new work from Flavorpill faves Scott & Charlene’s Wedding and Pure X, a pretty fantastic extended mix by Chris Carter… and, yes, Azealia Banks. Remember her? None of this will cost you a dime, so we suggest you click through and get downloading ASAP.

Kurt Vile — “Walkin’ on a Pretty Day” We’ve long been of the opinion that the best thing about Kurt Vile is his pun-tastic name, but this lazy, Neil Young-esque jam is pretty great, and bodes well for his new record, which has almost the same name — it’s called Wakin’ on a Pretty Daze and is due out on April 9. You can get the song via RCRD LBL.

Standish/Carlyon — “Nono/Yoyo” If you remember the most excellent Devastations, you’ll probably be as excited about this as we are — and if not, well, just take our word for it. Conrad Standish and Tom Carlyon made up two thirds of that band, and this is their new project. It’s a decidedly different beat from their previous venture, all lovesick, randy vocals and an epic ’80s-esque drum sound. Download it via Stereogum.

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding — “Two Weeks” Scott & Charlene’s Wedding return next month with a new EP, and this is the title track, a deceptively upbeat-sounding ballad that deals with being back home in Australia and missing a lover in New York: “I’m old-fashioned like my dad/ I get awkward on video chat/ I drink in the day when I get depressed.” It’s most excellent, and you can get it right here.

Sade — “Give It Up” (Vin Sol & Matrixxman edit) In which Sade’s “Give It Up” gets reimagined as a beach club slow-burner. This should ideally be appreciated in the company of one of those drinks that requires a small paper umbrella — but failing that, turn it on at your desk and imagine you’re somewhere, anywhere, else. It’s available via XLR8R.

Pure X — “Things in My Head” We loved Pure X’s debut album a couple of years back, so it’s welcome to hear them back again. This track is somehow both restrained and widescreen — the adjective “cinematic” gets broken out too much in music journalism, but you can definitely imagine this on the soundtrack to something featuring epic empty landscapes and crazy beautiful sunsets. You can get it here.

Yo La Tengo — “I’ll Be Around” If you don’t have Yo La Tengo’s Rise yet, you can get this track, at least, via KCRW’s Top Tune program. As ever with KCRW, this is for today only.

DJ Rashad — “Can’t Hold Me Back” Rick Ross-sampling goodness from unexpected Spin top-10-of-2012 recipient DJ Rashad. It’s really just the aforementioned sample and a punishing beat, but hey, if you’re making a new DJ mix… it’s available via Pitchfork.

Tempers — “Eyes Wide Wider” NYC dark overlord Todd Pendu launched a new singles series on his label Pendu Sound this week, and the first track is by local post-punk types Tempers. The song’s really good, a suitably ominous and atmospheric piece built around swirling guitars and echo-laden vocals. Get it here.

Azealia Banks — “Harlem Shake” God only knows what’s happened to Azealia Banks’s album, but in the meantime, here’s a new track that finds her rapping over Baauer’s viral dance hit. If you can still stomach her work — and it’s getting more difficult by the moment — get it via Stereogum.

Chris Carter — “Solid Steel Mix” Well, hello, exclusive Chris Carter mix for Self-Titled Magazine. We’ll be downloading you right now.