Are These Fan-made ‘Harry Potter’ Covers Better Than the New Redesign?


This week, Scholastic unveiled a brand-new cover for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone from illustrator Kazu Kabuishi, and it’s definitely a departure from Mary GrandPré’s colorful mashup of multiple scenes. Kabuishi’s rendition depicts Harry and Hagrid strolling through Diagon Alley in cool grays and blues. The makeover is only the first in a redesign of all seven Harry Potter book covers, with the rest yet to be unveiled. Although Kabuishi’s work may be the first officially sanctioned redo of the beloved children’s series, it’s certainly not the first attempt to improve on the original. Here are the best of fans’ own renditions of the covers, from minimalist graphic versions to inventive illustrations.

Katie Blaker

Image Credit: Katie Blaker

Megan Barrow

Image Credit: Megan Barrow

Matt Barnes

Image Credit: Matt Barnes

M.S. Corley

Image Credit: M.S. Corley

Kathie Bayne

Image Credit: Kathie Bayne

Risa Rodil

Image Credit: Risa Rodil

Adam Stevens

Image Credit: Adam Stevens

Michela Monterosso

Image Credit: Michela Monterosso

Ashley Marie Perez

Image Credit: Ashley Marie Perez

Pearl Law

Image Credit: Pearl Law