Behold: ‘Ghostbusters’ Headquarters in LEGO Form


We’ve gone to some pretty elaborate lengths in the name of fandom around here, but even we’re agog over the efforts of LEGO artist and Ghostbusters enthusiast Orion Pax, who spent two months studying the film, its sequel, and its animated series to create the ultimate replica of Venkman, Stantz, Spengler, and Zeddmore’s HQ. Pax went room by room and prop by prop, recreating the Ghostbusters’ New York firehouse home in painstaking detail; check out the jaw-dropping photos after the jump.

Headquarters, cross-section.

Floor by floor.

Janine’s reception area.

The Ecto 1.

The kitchen.

The lounge.

The bathroom.

The bunks.

The Ecto 2.

The entrance (Good luck getting “Cleanin’ Up the Town” out of your head).

[Orion Pax via Design Taxi]