10 Oscar Party Ideas We Won’t Be Trying This Year


If you’re in the midst of planning your Academy Awards-watching party, never fear. The Internet abounds with crafty ideas, film-themed food recipes, and places to buy gold confetti. But be warned: not all Oscar party ideas are created equal. In fact, there are a few that we think you should probably stay away from. After the jump, ten Oscars-themed party ideas — from decor to food to attire — that we’ll be avoiding this year. We suggest you do the same, but hey — to each his own.

Is it just us, or do these balloon Oscar statues look a little… uncomfortable? [via]

Rachel De Marte of Plan Style Party’s take on Zero Dark Thirty: “Cocktails would include the Seal Team Six, made with Woodford Reserve, molasses, cola, paprika, and green Tabasco. Bin Laden Lemonade would blend black-cherry vodka with ginger liqueur, lemonade, and club soda. The Pakistani would be a gin-based cocktail with mango puree, saffron, and edible orchid.” Um, may we recommend that you do not serve your guests anything with “Bin Laden” in the title? [via]

Another highly awkward representation of Oscar statues. This time edible and with something ominous on their chests. Please, make us feel better about this fishy snack by giving it an entertaining caption in the comments. [via]

Plastic paps make every party that much creepier. [via]

For those who wish Oscars season was Christmas. [via]

For any hostess who’s just plain tired of using Oscars night as an excuse to dress classy. [via]

We don’t care if it was created for the 2012 Academy Awards celebrity gift lounge — you should not put this on your child. [via]

Somehow this arrangement does not feel thematically (or tonally) appropriate. [via]

What is it with these wreaths? [via]

Now this is just garish overkill. [via]