Thurston Moore on the Set of Gossip Girl = Mind Explosion


According to Stereogum, an upcoming episode of Gossip Girl features Sonic Youth playing their ’80s hit “Starpower” at a party for Rufus and Lily. Thurston and former Be Your Own Pet frontwoman Jemina Pearl previously recorded “Sheena Is a Punk Rocker” for an episode sans cameo. Rolling Stone has the pic above and the on-set scoop from Thurston: “Ed [Westwick] and Chace [Crawford] seemed aware of who we are, but they were more interested in Kings of Leon. Those are their boys.” Thurston says that he and wife Kim Gordon are “pretty fanatical viewers of the show.” In fact, “It’s sort of our dose of Shakespeare every week.”

Mind explosion. We’d pay good money to see Gordon take on Waldorf.

Season three of Gossip Girl premieres September 14.