Brilliant and Bizarre Nail Art Inspired by Internet Memes


Running out of nail art ideas? If so, don’t be a Grumpy Cat — why not Zoidberg? Over the past year, we’ve brought you everything from literature-inspired nail art to artist-inspired nail art to comic-inspired nail art. Now, because we’re in the mood to paint “all the” nails, it’s time to bring you a selection of nail art inspired by your favorite Internet/Reddit sensations. Check ’em out after the jump, and hit the comments to let us know which Rage Face best suits your thoughts.

Grumpy Cat [via]

Why Not Zoidberg? [via]

“Gangnam Style” [via]

All the Things [via]

Nyan Cat [via]

Rage Comics [via]

Beast Jesus Fresco [via]

Freddie Mercury Rage Pose [via]

One Does Not Simply… [via]

Challenge Accepted [via]