The 2013 Oscar Telecast, By the Numbers


Last night’s Oscar ceremony was… well, it was a thing that happened! As is the custom, there was plenty to like, and plenty to shake your head over sadly while contemplating the state of Hollywood and popular culture and Western civilization in general. But we digress! There’s plenty we could say about the Academy’s award ceremony/Seth MacFarlane Frat Boy Joke-ganza, but instead, we’ve crunched the evening’s numbers to see what they tell us about the big show. The data may surprise you!

Clip compilations: 7

Musical numbers: 8

Musical numbers from 2002’s Chicago: 1

Number of awards presented by the cast of 2002’s Chicago: 2

Number of Oscar telecast producers who also produced 2002’s Chicago: 2

Number of times the orchestra “played off” the winners mid-speech: 3

Cutaways to crying spouses: 3

Cutaways to Quvenzhané Wallis being delightful: 3

Cutaways to Tommy Lee Jones being grouchy: 0

Cutaways to Tommy Lee Jones being delightful: 1 (we were as surprised as you)

Cutaways to Joaquin Phoenix being grouchy: 1

Award recipients with awesome wizard hair: 3

Mentions of the “N-word” in Django Unchained: 2

Tasteless slavery jokes: 1

Tasteless Lincoln assassination jokes: 1

Tasteless “Jews run Hollywood” bits: 1

Tasteless “Foreigners are hard to understand��� jokes: 1

Guys in Nazi uniforms: 1

Seth MacFarlane groaners: Lost count