The Flavorpill Guide to the Week’s Top 10 LA Events


English writer Quentin Crisp once quipped, “Los Angeles is just New York lying down,” and indeed, LA is somewhat of a laid-back, sprawled-out version of the Big Apple. While SoCal’s topography yields a wide array of adventures — from surfing and sun-worship to hiking, skiing, and city-based happenings — many plans are often thwarted by distance and rush-hour traffic. Thankfully, Flavorpill has just unveiled its gorgeous, revamped events guide — an open platform where everyone (artists, fans, editors, i.e., you) can create and share events. You can follow anything that piques your interest, with event suggestions from the entire community, including Flavorpill’s very own editors and curators. Below are our event recommendations for this week, hand-picked by Flavorpill LA Managing Editor Tanja M. Laden. Enjoy, and don’t forget to check out the new Flavorpill. We hope to see you there. Monday, February 25 MUSIC: Franklin De Costa w/ Stylus and James Zabiela

Tuesday, February 26

CITY GEM: Evita DJ Josh Peace and impressarios Luke Nero and Andres Rigal may have put their Tuesday-night club Mr. Black to rest, but luckily for us, EVITA is just being born. Expect weekly guests along with regular hosts, Boulet Brothers (Black Unicorn) and Chanel Perrillo. And of course, our favorite door-whore, Phyllis Navidad. — Tanja M. Laden

MUSIC: LA Is Burning: Vogue

Wednesday, February 27

MUSIC: Dead Meadow with Psychic Ills and Follakzoid Thousands of bands imitate Black Sabbath and Blue Cheer, but few do so with the finesse of Dead Meadow, a power trio that’s equally comfortable playing spacious psychedelia and biker-friendly shuffles. Their albums have featured some of their most concise songwriting, with singer Jason Simon’s nasal coo finding a comfortable place among the swirling fuzz. Perhaps the turn toward accessibility came with relocating from Washington, DC, to Los Angeles? Regardless, the band is still reliably expansive in concert; their long-playing jams celebrating the power of the almighty riff. — Max Goldberg

ART: Native Strategies Issue 3 Launch with Performance by Lee Relvas

Thursday, February 28

COMEDY: Don’t Tell My Mother! with Mary Lynn Rajskub If you think you’re one of those people who tells their mothers everything, this show just might help you change your mind. Don’t Tell My Mother! is definitely one of LA’s coolest comedy shows, featuring tell-all tales straight from the source’s mouth. Hosted by the show’s creator, Nikki Levy, Don’t Tell My Mother! brings an ever-evolving lineup of gifted raconteurs to the stage for an experience that’s equal parts comedy show, live storytelling, and ribald group therapy. We promise that we won’t tell your mother, but we can’t guarantee that her ears won’t burn. — Tanja M. Laden

Friday, March 1

FOOD/WINE: Beachwood Cafe Anniversary Party A hidden gem in the heart of Beachwood Canyon, this eponymous eatery has recently had a well-deserved facelift, thanks to new owner Patti Peck. Executive chef and SoCal native Minh Phan created a tasty menu influenced by Mediterranean cuisine: her signature dish is the Fez Bowl with quinoa, organic veggies, shallot yogurt, and harissa. By Phan’s own admission, though, dinner is when she spreads her wings and lets her imagination soar. But whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, Beachwood Cafe is well on its way to becoming a premier dining destination for locals and tourists alike, and it’s inviting everyone to help celebrate its one-year anniversary and official grand (re)opening with a special birthday party at its adorable home under the Hollywood sign. — Tanja M. Laden

Saturday, March 2

FESTIVAL: The Ranch Party Children of the canyon unite for a day-long, laid-back celebration tucked inside the Santa Monica Mountains — far from civilization and the middle-man mentality of daily life. Adjacent to LA’s beloved hippie enclave of Topanga Canyon, the 20-acre “Ranch” sets the stage (well, two to be exact) for a music-fueled happening courtesy of live local acts such as Jeffertitti’s Nile and the Eagle Rock Gospel Singers, along with talented DJs and artists like KCRW’s Dan Wilcox and Norton Wisdom, respectively. Throw in some food and drink and it’s a 21st century commune come-to-life, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Ranch Kids. So you can feel good, too — that is, you can feel better than you already do. – Tanja M. Laden

CITY GEM: Hotel Horrors and Main Street Vice

Sunday, March 3

CONFERENCE: BIL 2013 BIL is like the smart and funny kid brother of the internationally famous TED conferences, presenting short short talks on big topics. Whether you’re an orator inspiring the group to frenzied brilliance, or just taking in the words of others, it’s your choice — but know that you have one. Many TEDsters in town make time to visit little BILster, because, like TED’s, these talks bring together smart and driven people, inspiring action. BIL’s two-day event is designed to fuel ideas and engage the public, featuring curated and attendee-driven presentations that ensure a balanced diet of wisdom and boisterousness. — Kenneth Hughes