‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 5, Episode 5 Recap: “Snatch Game”


Even casual fans of Drag Race are tempted to tune in for the “Snatch Game” episodes, in which the ladies must impersonate a celebrity of their choosing and successfully improv enough jokes to keep the audience gagging for more. For the comedy queens, this challenge is a cinch. But most competitors give us nothing but an endless stream of flat jokes and inaccurate portrayals, making them that much closer to sashaying away. With added drama between Jade and Alyssa, Coco and Alyssa, and everyone turning on Jinkx, this one-woman show was fiercer than ever. Let’s see how our girls fared.

Hot ‘n’ Cold: Alyssa Edwards

Claiming that the Snatch Game was not her forte, Alyssa had issues deciding on a celebrity and halfheartedly went with Katy Parry, though she didn’t have much to say and the resemblance was pretty much limited to the blue wig. Will Alyssa learn that even a pageant queen must be an ace of all spades before it’s too late?

The Definition of Safe: Jade Jolie

She had immunity from the last challenge, which was lucky because Jade’s Taylor Swift, while certainly very pretty and feminine, was entirely free of funny parody (and with all the relationship drama, you would think spoofing Swift would be a piece of cake.) Even Jade’s S&M runway outfit was underwhelming. Hell, her drama with Alyssa (who told the judges last week that she thought Jade should be kicked off) wasn’t even that entertaining. Will Jade finally add some spark to her presentation next week?

Fish Lips: Ivy Winters

Ivy committed snatchy suicide this week when she decided to play Marilyn Monroe, despite lacking both the voice and the jokes. Ru even set her up for what should have been a great Kennedy line, only to have her stare back blankly while pouting her lips (and letting Jinkx steal the spotlight.) Ivy barely grazed by this week, and if she doesn’t step up her game, she may be the next to go.

Funny Girl: Jinkx Monsoon

Jinkx Monsoon is, incidentally, a big Snatch Game fan and prepared a daring role: Little Edie from Grey Gardens, who many of the queens had (depressingly) never even heard of. But she compelled even the unfamiliar viewers , and completely owned her quirkiness — so much so that she won the challenge, even though the judges tore her runway look to shreds. Jinkx is in a good place, but no one’s ever really safe in this competition. Can her Fanny Brice glam up and become the brightest star?

Brighter Than Shadows: Roxxxy Andrews

Also rolling with a not-that-famous celeb, Roxxxy went with Tamar Braxton, and totally played on the “younger sister craving her older, more famous sister’s spotlight” vibe. On the runway, she boldly showed off her curves in a leotard and blazer. Tens all around!

Lacking Thunder: Detox

Detox, usually a consistently intimidating opponent, was off this week — her Ke$ha impression, while perhaps accurate, was not at all fun to watch, and her “jellyfish” dress on the runway was shapeless and forgettable. Come on, girl!

Getting Flashy: Coco Montrese

Coco Montrese’s Janet Jackson impression certainly involved showing some skin — as in, when the jokes were falling flat, Coco just got up and removed her jacket to reveal a well-tailored outfit and rockin’ bod underneath. But distraction, while at times necessary, can’t mask a lackluster performance, and it’ll be interesting to see how Coco fares in the next few challenges as the weaker contestants go home.

Hopping With Joy: Alaska

Her ambitious Lady Bunny impression, while tonally a little off, was even cruder and sassier than the real deal, which is pretty hard to accomplish. And her runway look involved making out with a taxidermy fish! Who doesn’t love this girl?

Spiceless Salsa: Lineysha Sparx

This Latin diva went home this week after her portrayal of Celia Cruz failed to show her talent. But at least she left with a good lip sync (Detox was just unbeatable for any opponent), and in a sexy outfit. Lineysha will be missed!