Introducing Cultural Trivia Questions That Can’t Be Answered by Google


It’s pretty self explanatory, but here’s the gist: You know those idiot savants who like to throw out really juicy but impossible-to-Google-the-answer-to questions? It’s annoying. It’s haunting. It’s time to show them who’s boss. United we can beat them with our shared pool of knowledge.

Up first, a doozy casually thrown out by one of our know-it-all coworkers: When was the first time that a cell phone was used by a middle class character in movie?

Here are the clues we have cobbled together so far: The first call on a portable cell phone was made in April 1973. By 1987, cellular telephone subscribers had exceeded one million. When Cher had a cell phone in 1995’s Clueless, it was still considered an upper class novelty item. In As Good As It Gets (1997) Jack Nicholson’s character uses a pay phone — but that might be just because he’s playing a crazy old luddite.

Any cinephiles care to weigh in?