Quote of the Day: M.I.A. on One of the Year’s Best Soundtracks


A.R. [Rahman] was the most established, amazing producer. He works with 100-people orchestras, and his sound is huge. Then on the other end of the room was me, making music on GarageBand and playing Danny [Boyle] these really gritty, badly recorded MP3s. We had all these meetings and stuff, and then I realized that’s what the movie is — it’s the contradiction between these two things. That’s what the whole continent [of India] is.

– M.I.A. talking about her collaboration with renowned Indian composer A.R. Rahman on the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack. The film features a hectic opening track that M.I.A and Rahman collaborated on, as well as a legitimately awesome “Paper Planes” remix and Rahman’s emotional score. And we don’t say “emotional” lightly — we saw the movie this weekend and can’t stop thinking about it, which might explain why the first thing we did this morning was download the soundtrack (which was released digitally today) in our pajamas. [LA Times]