The Shame-O-Meter: All About Steve


Transformers 2 may no longer be the worst movie of the year/decade. All About Steve, a film starring Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper, has just received the royal poo-poo from Rotten Tomatoes – a 2 percent critic rating. That’s out of 100. The plot goes something like this: Sandra Bullock is a weird crossword-puzzlin’ babe who falls in love with Bradley Cooper, a goon cameraman who is just not that into her.

Somewhere along the way, this ended up as “easily one of the worst movies of the year (if not the decade), there is not one redeeming quality to All About Steve, an offensive film morally, socially, and to the institution of comedy.” Film critic Peter Sobczynski bleakly sums up the Rotten Tomatoes onslaught nicely: “Let me put it this way — this is easily the single worst film that Sandra Bullock has been involved with and bear in mind, I have seen Speed 2.” To put this all into perspective, we’ve whipped up a handy dandy Shame-O-Meter after the jump.

Note: All About Steve was originally supposed to be released in March, 2009. They must have waited to see if Bradley Cooper’s The Hangover and Sandra Bullock’s The Proposal would be any good. Tricky, tricky! Also: We’re not buying that The Globe and Mail really liked this movie. We think they were just trying to be different.