A Partial List of Things That Could Pop Up in Bret Easton Ellis’s New Novel


In early December, Bret Easton Ellis tweeted, “FYI: There. Is. No. New. Novel. Being. Written. Except for maybe The James Deen Story and something called ‘Come Over At Do Bring Coke Now.'” But now, he admits that there just may be, writing that “It started with an image revolving around the blood-red Emser tile sign situated on a rooftop at the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and Holloway Drive: the view from behind the windshield, an accident, the mystery unfolding, something about the past, about that last year in high school, intimations of a murder disguised as a suicide.” These days, Ellis is probably at least as well known for his combative, sometimes apparently drug-addled Twitter feed as he is for his novels, so we decided to turn there to fuel our wild speculations about what themes a new novel from the writer might contain. Whether it’s The James Deen Story or Come Over At Do Bring Coke Now, here are a few things BEE has been obsessing over on Twitter in recent months — and might well find their way into the novel.

His love for James Deen His love/hate for Lindsay Lohan Hotel California The brilliance of Frank Ocean The 26 year-old/YOLO The brilliance of Lena Dunham Feeling sympathy for psychopaths Being “amusing” but “tonally inappropriate” Liking/hating everyone Generation Wuss Come over at do bring coke now Harping on your own clever mistakes Sex scenes AIDS comments, rape comments, pedophile comments Male strippers Contempt for respectability Agreeing with Paris Hilton’s back-of-cab comments Whatever the opposite of David Foster Wallace is Insomnia The Gay Middlebrow Drake Modern misanthropy The importance of self-loathing

We don’t know… it sounds pretty fascinating. What do you think, potential readers?